The Escort Industry Is One That Will Never Die


Pros vs. Cons of a Brothel vs an Escort or Independent

At a Brothel You Can See What You’re Getting

One important advantage of a brothel eros orange county is that you get to actually meet the women in the house and flirt with them before making a decision. That means you’ll actually be getting someone who turns you on, someone with whom you have chemistry.

Escort services pass out cards and flyers with photos of gorgeous women on them, but again, all of these women are models, not the actual women who will show up at your room through eros orange county. If you’ve picked a photo of a blond, they’ll send you a blond. Now, there you are with this woman at your door who is nothing like what you expected. You don’t really want her. What do you do?

Sex at a Brothel is 100% Legal

Another advantage of dealing with a brothel is that the service is 100% legal. You’re not going to have to worry about getting arrested for saying the wrong thing to an undercover cop.

The vice cops in Vegas arrest roughly 300 to 600 men a year for solicitation for prostitution.  If you get arrested, you’ll have to pay attorney’s fees and a large fine, plus return to Vegas yet another time for “john school,” which will cost you still more.  And if the cops arrest you in your car, you’ll have to pay a large towing fee.

Prices are Roughly Comparable

The main pro of dealing with an independent you choose online or a hooker on the street is that you may be able to save some money. A woman you meet through an escort service will usually end up costing about the same as a woman in a brothel by the time you include the agency fee and the extra money she must charge to tip the phone girl and cover her overhead.

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